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Submission Instructions

Carquinez Review's open call begins October 1 and ends November 30th. Submissions emailed after November 30th will not be read. There is a $3.00 non-refundable submission fee.

Below you will find details about how to submit.

When to submit

Carquinez Review's open call begins October 1 and ends November 30. Submissions received after November 30 will not be read.

Things to know when submitting

● We encourage submissions from all writers, published and unpublished.
● We will not consider work that has already been published in either print or ebook formats.
● We consider only work written in English or translated into English.
● All submissions undergo a blind review by a panel of accomplished writers. The selection process is based on merit. Successful applicants will be notified in advance of publication.
● Please limit submissions to a total of 7,000 words or less.
● We will consider excerpts from longer works if they read as if they were meant to stand alone.
● We are interested in short stories, including flash fiction, memoir, and essay.
● There is a non-refundable $3.00 charge per submission.
● Publication date is anticipated for fall 2020.

How to submit

● Please submit only one document. Multiple flash fiction pieces are allowed up to a total of 7,000 words.
● Make sure there is no identifying information on your manuscript. No identification in the document, in the file name, signature block or footers.
● Double-space your document using a standard font such as Times New Roman or Arial. Indicate paragraphs with a tab indent. Leave one-inch margins and include page numbers in the footer.
● Documents must be in Microsoft Word (.doc and .docx) formats only. Do not send PDF.
● Proofread your work. Send only finished work you really believe in.
● Simultaneous submissions are permitted. If your submission is accepted elsewhere, please contact us at submissions@benicialiteraryarts.org with a quick withdrawal note.
● Please do not contact us about the status of your submission until four months have passed.

Where to send

● Fill out and submit the submission form using our online submissions page, below.
● Submit your manuscript as an e-mail attachment to submissions@benicialiteraryarts.org. Include the words "Submission for Carquinez Review" and the genre in the subject line.
● Make sure there is no identifying information on the manuscript.
● Include a cover letter in the email with the title of your piece. Be sure to include contact information in the cover letter including mailing address, phone number and e-mail address. Include a short bio of less than 75 words.

Mail submissions will not be accepted and will not be returned.


Writers warrant that the work submitted is original and that they are the sole authors of the submitted work. They further warrant that the work does not infringe on any copyrights held by others. If potentially infringing material is included in the submission, writers warrant that they have obtained permission to incorporate the copyrighted material and must submit documentation warranting that they have the right to use included material that has been previously copyrighted. Writers agree to hold Benicia Literary Arts, Carquinez Review, their agents, employees, volunteers, and funding entities harmless in the event of copyright infringement or any other action at law for plagiarism or defamation, intentional or unintentional.

By submitting, writers grant Benicia Literary Arts (BLA) permission to publish their work and acknowledge that BLA does not make any payment for the work. The author retains copyright to the submitted work but, upon acceptance of the piece for inclusion in Carquinez Review, grants BLA First North American serial Rights to the piece.

Each contributor receives two copies of the Anthology. A limited number of additional copies can be purchased at a discounted price. BLA retains the right to reprint accepted submissions in subsequent print or online BLA products, or for promotional or advertising purposes, once publication rights have reverted to author.
BLA asks that any subsequent publication of a piece first printed in Carquinez Review credit first publication to Carquinez Review and Benicia Literary Arts.

* * *

We want you to know we also are writers who submit work into the void. We get intimidated; we fear rejection. So please know that your words will be shown respect, and reviewed with eyes that—like yours—stare at the submit button for too long before nervous fingers finally click send. And we thank you.